Transforming the design learning experience, one class at a time.


It all started with
a global virtual workshop during the pandemic.

In October 2020, founder Monique Meyer taught a graphic design workshop with CreativeMornings, welcoming more than 700 global attendees into a virtual space to learn the basics of graphic design. At the end of the 90-minute session, attendees flooded Monique’s screen with thank yous. The expressions of gratitude kept coming in direct messages and emails after everyone logged off. 

In the meantime, many non-designers work jobs that require them to design. And while YouTube and online courses can be good resources, they don’t provide the guidance the design-curious need to take their work to the next level.

Monique started the School of Graphic Design to fill the gap.

Monique knew there were a lot of people who wanted — and needed — to learn how to design. And she wanted to teach them. But in her endeavors to teach at universities, she found that outdated curricula, lengthy and irrelevant required projects, and disorganized design departments hampered the ability to teach up-to-date graphic design content. This left students lacking both confidence and the basic understanding of principles that undergird all of design. 

A completely online educational institution, the School of Graphic Design is built for those who need or want to learn design, but don’t require a traditional degree. Our classes focus on practical applications that you can put into action right away, whether you’re designing in Adobe, Microsoft Office, Canva, or another program.

Join our learning community, and you won’t waste time on aimless projects or required classes you have no interest in. Simply choose the classes that fit your needs, ignore the ones that don’t, and you’ll be on your way to developing the design technique you’ll actually use.

Our Approach

The School of Graphic Design is reimagining design education for the everyday person who’s working full-time, has adult responsibilities, and may run into roadblocks on life’s twisted roads. Because of that, we approach everything from admissions to class requirements to tuition differently from a traditional institution.

Flexibility because life happens.

Complete individual classes on your own timeline — and take as few (or as many) as you want. Whether you’re pursuing our design badge, sharpening technique for a work project, or learning design for fun, you won’t have to worry about finishing classwork in a specific timeframe. Watch the lessons and complete the assignments when you have time. Once you’ve completed a class, you’ve completed a class. No redos because you had to take time off due to a family emergency, money problems, or [insert life upset here].

Practical application to real-world design problems.

Graphic design serves a practical purpose in the wide world of media, marketing, and advertising, so we don’t waste your time on irrelevant projects or classes. Our number one goal is to help you become the designer you want and need to be right now. Our classes are fluff-free zones where we’ll go deep on the technique and principles you’ll use in real life, while giving you room to be fully human.


Our classes can be completed with whatever design software you have access to. You can design on an Apple or PC, in PowerPoint or InDesign or Canva — whatever you’ve got works for us.

Build your own curriculum (BYOC).