That’s why we work closely with employers like you to demystify graphic design and equip staff for their design tasks. Whether your staff are designing social posts, brochures, product packaging, fliers, or anything else, they’ll learn how to design for greater business impact.

Good design is
good business.

Good design is good business.

Bad design costs you. Good design drives profits.

Make SGD your professional development partner for all things graphic design.

With the School of Graphic Design on your side, your staff will get the training and expert support they need to create designs that enhance your brand and support your business goals.

Benefits of professional development with SGD:

What We Teach:

How Partnership Works

It all starts with a simple consultation call. We’ll talk through what your team is struggling with design-wise and what your particular needs are. Do you have any ideas of what would be most useful for your team? Tell us. We’ll give our recommendation of what professional development option seems right for you. 

Once you’ve decided which option you want, we’ll schedule a date and prepare the workshop or support that will best help your staff.

Professional Development Options

An experienced SGD instructor joins your staff on-site and leads an interactive workshop, addressing questions in real time and providing instruction to help staff design confidently and effectively. This can be a one-off lunch-and-learn or a series of workshops — whatever is most useful to your team.

Founder Monique Meyer works closely with one of your employees as they tackle current projects. She provides instruction and expert review to improve overall design impact and creative marketing strategy.

An SGD instructor works with your team to provide direction catered to your creative marketing needs. This could range from a week of consultant access for specific projects or 2–3 months of support for ongoing campaign or design work. We’re not doing the design for you, but helping your people design with intention.

We’re eager to collaborate on other partnership options. Just reach out.

and tell us what you’re looking for. We’re here to help.

Ready to get started?