No. We don’t have a traditional application process. All you have to do to become an SGD student is sign up for your first class!

You can register at any time and complete classes on your own timeline.

We don’t offer loans, but we do have a payment plan option that allows you to pay for a class in monthly installments.

Not yet, but we hope to offer scholarships in the future.

Registration is through our learning platform, Canvas. You’ll choose your class(es) and pay there.

Anyone interested in learning graphic design.

Yes! We regularly work with employers to provide professional development opportunities to designing staff. Learn more here.

No. Once you’ve finished a class, you’ve finished a class. No redos necessary.

No prerequisites, but each class is categorized according to proficiency level so you can determine what you’re ready for.

Our classes are pre-recorded and not tied to any particular timeframe or semester system. YAY! Classes also range from 60 to 90 minutes in length. That said, you can realistically complete a class at whatever pace you are comfortable.

No! Choose the classes that are most interesting to you and skip the ones that aren’t. Our system lets you build your own curriculum. so you get the design education you actually need.

Just about all of them. You can take a peek at our growing class list here.

That’s what we have right now, but we’re actively expanding our class library for more comprehensive options. You can tell us the classes you’d like to see by becoming an SGD student and providing feedback through our learning platform.

Take a class!

Yes! We regularly work with employers to provide professional development opportunities to designing staff. Learn more here.

We use Canvas. It offers a mobile app so you can access it from your phone, as well as your computer browser.

No specific software is required. We teach design principles that apply whether you’re designing in PowerPoint, Canva, or the Adobe Creative Suite. Use what you have.

An internet-connected computer with an up-to-date browser. That’s it!

Yes! Our founder Monique Meyer travels around the world to lead graphic design workshops for companies and organizations. Learn more here.

We tailor our partnership to your needs. If a virtual workshop is the best option for your staff, we’ll do that.

We offer one-on-one consultancies that provide individual attention to staff who work on design projects. Reach out and we can schedule a call to see if this is the best solution for your employee. They can also take classes through our individual student program

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