High-caliber design education
for anyone who needs it.

The School of Graphic Design helps designers and non-designers alike develop their design technique. Whether you’re in a role that’s been tasked with design projects, an entrepreneur working on creative marketing for your small business, or someone simply exploring design for yourself, our programs help you build the knowledge and technique you need to create professional designs.

Our employer program brings experienced designers onto company grounds to equip your designing employees with workshops and one-on-one consultancies tailored to your business needs.

Our student program shows individuals the design ropes, covering everything from design ethics and proper technique to marketing and design thinking with a flexible, student-driven approach.

Student Program

Take charge of your design education.

Our student program gives you the power to choose the classes that fit your design learning needs — and learn on your own time. If you’ve never designed at all or you’ve been playing in Illustrator for years, we’ll support you as you develop your technique (and have fun along the way).

Employer Program

Professional development for all things design.

Get your staff the design training they need by partnering with SGD for professional development. We offer a variety of workshops, lunch-and-learns, and customizable consultancies to equip your staff to design confidently for your business or organization.