Who Should Enroll?

Anyone with an internet connection and the motivation to learn design.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

The School of Graphic Design is perfect for you if…

If you want to learn graphic design, we want to help you.

No experience or special computer software needed. Just bring your curiosity and a can-do attitude. We’ll meet you where you are.

School of Graphic Design
students include…

Small business owners and entrepreneurs

DIYing their own marketing materials

In-house staff who’ve been tasked with design

and need to learn specific design techniques fast, without wasting time on unhelpful webinars or YouTube tutorials

Self-taught designers

who want to learn the right way to design

Professional designers

building confidence and sharpening technique in our supportive learning community

Retirees, dabblers, and hobbyists

who are exploring graphic design because it’s fun!

Tired of browsing endless YouTube tutorials and one-off webinars to answer your design questions?

Become an SGD student today and you’ll get the expert guidance and instruction you need to design like a pro.